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During a recent critique group meeting, several of us gathered early to congratulate a member's newly-published novel. One member, an older gentleman, examined the book and congratulated the author.

“Seems like everyone has something published except me,” he said, passing the book to the next member. “Makes me feel like a third wheel on a couples date.” He smiled, but I could hear the longing in his voice. I thought of my early days of writing when I desperately wanted to say I was an author.


Another member suggested he try short stories. He thought about it and asked for submission suggestions. And that presented a problem.


An anthology? Good idea. Some writers associations publish a yearly anthology, but they only accept submissions from their members. 


Magazines used to be great avenues for writers, but today, with only a few accepting fiction, the opportunity is greatly reduced. Many writers clubs across the county have their own eMagazines, but again, they accept submissions only from their members. And they’re funded by dues.


Could i establish an avenue where writers could submit their stories and articles? An eMagazine open to writers across the country? I wasn’t wealthy, so how could I fund the magazine? A business loan could dictate operational approval, but I wanted the freedom to accept stories I, and the other members of the team, felt readers would enjoy.

The discussion about possibilities continued. One member mentioned the contest he’d recently entered, and excused the high submission fee as a possibility for his fiction to be read. A submission fee! Of course! I could use my own funds to begin the process, and ask for a low submission fee from the writers for operational costs. 


I loved the idea, so I went to work. What to name the magazine? Before I learned to read, my grandfather told stories about his native France, of brave knights fighting their way to victory through conflict and struggles. Wasn’t that what I was doing? And didn’t every writer who sent a story to be considered with any publication, struggle with agonizing inner conflict?


Thus, I filed papers and began work on THE KNIGHT WRITERS MAGAZINE.


Now I’m proud to announce the magazine is open to submissions, and those interested can view the guidelines on the SUBMISSION page. We’ve already accepted a story for publication, and we’re so excited!  


So download the guidelines and polish your stories, pay the low submission fee, and send your submissions. We’re ready and eager to read them.


Good luck!


Brenda Hill

Editor in Chief


"Imagination... its limits are only those of the mind itself."
Rod Serling